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Menu resources August 21, 2007

Filed under: web design — ellenh @ 2:11 pm

How does one create great looking menus for tutorials or other web pages? Here are some great resources you can use –

  • Listamatic has both vertical and horizontal lists created with only CSS.
  • CSSPlay (incidentally a great site overall) has a large number of vertical, horizontal, drop-down, fly-out, sliding, tabbed, etc. menus using CSS, some java and a number of other tricks. Some menus have cut and paste code, but others ask for a donation to the site.
  • A List Apart has a great tutorial on horizontal style drop down menus, using just a drop of java.

One Response to “Menu resources”

  1. Jenny McCraw Says:

    I can vouch for all of these, particularly Listamatic. It’s got lots of suggestions for clean and functional pure-CSS menus. Many of the creators are very willing to let libraries use their code, as well.

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