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IL2007 – The New Rules of Web Design October 29, 2007

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Jeff Wisniewski, University of Pittsburg

Rule of Seven

  • Limit your content categories to 7 +/- 2
  • This isn’t necessarily true
  • Very context-dependent; if your content is well-organized, you may be fine with more than 7

Three clicks rule

  • …is dead
  • Users will click through on a longer path, as long as they feel that they are really getting to their desired page

Design for 800×600?

  • No
  • Nielsen says optimize for 1024×768 now
  • Focus on flexible, rather than fixed width designs

Don’t look at other library websites for redesign inspiration (this is sad)

Banner blindness

  • Users are used to seeing ads at the top of web pages, so don’t put mission-critical information there
  • You can put information there, but make sure it’s also linked elswhere

Pop Up windows

  • No


  • It’s not taboo anymore, but the technology has to be used properly (I’d like more information on this)

Mouseover menus

  • Slower and not scannable

Opening links in new window can be okay, but let people know you’re doing it

Keep it above the fold?

  • You don’t really have to, research indicates that users will scroll — still, it’s best to keep your most important info above the fold

Put pictures of people on the website, but not if they’re too good-looking. people don’t trust them

“It’s never a bad thing to delight users”


One Response to “IL2007 – The New Rules of Web Design”

  1. ellenh Says:

    Some of my notes:

    Make what users do most often on your website the most easy and efficient thing to do or navigate to.

    Stop thinking about “revolutionary” once every 5 years redesign, but think about “evolutionary” iterative small changes webdesign happening all the time.

    Good stuff!

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