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Session C105 — Cool Tools for Library Webmasters October 29, 2007

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Cool Tools for Webmasters

Frank Cervone and Darlene Fichter

Communicating Ideas:
    Use Jing during IM reference?
Picnik – online photo editor
    firefox plugin
– KerPoof (?)
    animated video tool
    sharing powerpoint, presentation slides
    also can use Scribd (can search text), SplashCast (combine ppt, mp3, images), Zoho Show (edit slides online), SlideAware (best stats, limit access)
– Visual Page Rank
IBM Unstructured Information Modeler
    load in unstructured datasets
    automatically classify and create categories
    works for 1,000-10,000 records


DiffDaff – compares files across directories (thumb drive and desktop?)
– LogView


– SOAP Sonar
    Testing and analyzing Web Services
Perl Express

Fun with Images:

Photo Slideshow
Flashgallery Generator

Search and Indexing:

Google SiteMap
LibraryFind (Oregon State)
dbWiz (Simon Fraser University)
– MasterKey (IndexData)
– IBM Omnifind Yahoo Edition
– Google Coop CSE
– OpenURL Referrer Toolbar
– FlogBlog


– Portable Firefox
– Asterix Logger v1.02
– Undelete
– Unstoppable Copier
– Simple File Shredder
– KeePass


My thoughts:
I’m excited about the two tools by IBM that they talked about – the Unstructured Information Modeler and the Omnifind Search product. I also like the idea of using Jing for quick visual help during IM reference. I’m going to try some of these things out.


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