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KSU Digital Ethnography October 22, 2007

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Michael Wesch, a professor of anthropology at Kansas State has produced another thought-provoking look at the state of information in the Web 2.0 world. His previous videos are Information R/evolution and The Machine is Us/ing Us.

This one is called A Vision of Students Today and comes directly from a survey he did with his Cultural Anthropology class.

Jenny! You’re on his campus! How much does he interact with the library and/or librarians or the other way around?


Because you don’t have enough to do… September 4, 2007

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ACRL’ s Distance Learning Section’s Instruction Committee (that’s a mouthful) is doing a great thing by asking for librarian-specific feedback for instructional tools. If you’ve got time, check out their survey.


Top 100 Tools for Learning August 6, 2007

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Here is a nice list of teaching and learning tools from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Some are pretty standard these days (Google, Meebo, Flickr, etc), but I saw some pretty exciting resources listed (i.e., Gliffy, a diagramming tool, and TeacherTube, which is like YouTube for instructional videos). The list, compiled from lists of favorite tools submitted by e-learning professionals, has a nice mix of higher-end, higher-cost productivity software and resources that are freely available for anyone with internet connectivity. Check it out – it’s nice to think about familiar technologies being used creatively to support learning.