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Session B302 – What’s Hot with RSS! October 31, 2007

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Steven Cohen, Senior Librarian, Law Library Management Inc., & Creator,

“RSS is neither simple nor syndicated: discuss”


I’m not going to blog all the notes, since his presentation is up on pbwiki: Presentation site

Some points of interest:

  • You can analyze trends with Google Reader, find your subscription numbers (this is fairly new), share items (which creates a new page of shared items, and another RSS feed of those shared items – this could be a really great item for sharing information among organizations)
  • Tumblr – can share snippets, images, other feeds (Twitter, blog RSS feed, Flickr) – again provides another feed – can grab stuff from lots of folks, again could be good for organizations sharing information.
  • Windows Vista has an RSS feed directly on the desktop, IE directly on the browser.
  • – searching the biblioblogosphere and beyond. Run search results and then grab the feed.
  • Techmeme Meta RSS for Tech bogs
  • Wesmirch – Meta RSS for celebrity gossip
  • Page2RSS – can create a feed from any page, whether they have one or not.
  • Ebsco databases have feeds for searches now – after running a search for someone doing a big research project, subscribe to the feed and email them with new articles that come out. “You look like a hero.”

RSS tools June 12, 2007

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The Ultimate RSS Toolbox lists over 120 RSS resources, including RSS desktop- and web-based readers, RSS to email converters, RSS feed validators and creators, Firefox plugins, RSS mixers and mashups and RSS feed directories.

Also, there’s going to be a web seminar sponsored by SirsiDynix on “RSS for Libraries” in August.

What are some of your ideas about how to implement RSS feeds on library webpages or in the library?